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My UTM Builder Fixes Channel Grouping
Fixes Channel Grouping
The broken Google Analytics feature crucial for analysis
My UTM Builder Cleaner reports
Cleaner reports
Get consistent, structured and readable dimension values
My UTM Builder Saves time & Energy
Saves time & energy
Why should you need to remember all the dos and don'ts?
My UTM Builder Our mission in digital marketing

Our mission

Help YOU focus on what really matters through clear digital insight

A tool built for...

My UTM Builder Built for agencies
Great for keeping consistency across workers and clients
My UTM Builder Built for businesses
No more need to get into nitty-gritty-know-how
My UTM Builder Built for freelancers
Get the job done efficienty and professionally

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Heard questions like this before?
  • How should I split my marketing budget between different customer acquisition channels?
  • How is my time well spent on improving organic traffic?
  • Which acquistion source yields the most Return On Investment?
  • Where am I wasting my time and money?
UTM is the basis of acquisition grouping which is the only user-friendly way to look upon acquision sources as a whole.
Creating URLs with UTM tags fixes this traffic channel grouping and lets you dig into one category for more in-depth analysis.
  • Messy acquisition reports
  • Messy acquisition channel grouping
  • Confusion of UTM best practice
  • Mental switch cost
  • Clean acquisition reports
  • Clean acquisition channel grouping
  • Best practice integrated in a tool
  • Quicker workflow

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3 minutes into checking this out and I’ve already learned I’ve been doing utm tracking incorrectly. Incredibly useful tool
Chris S.

Clean and easy. Makes creating UTM tracking links super easy
Paul G. - Managing Director

Love this builder! Amazingly helpful tool
Matt Z. - Director of Marketing

An engaging, simplified process for creating UTM's
Lachlan K. - Digital Marketing Specialist

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