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What is My UTM Builder for?

Image yourself having a clear image of the effect of your marketing effort, and knowing without doubt where you got to improve next.

If you are working within digital marketing, you most likely use Google Analytics for measuring web traffic. This tool is like a center-piece that tells us ...

Even if Google Analytics is a great tool, it still got a lot of weaknesses. As a user you gradually come aware of what these are as your experience level grow with time spent within the tool trying to figure out the true picture.

One challenge most of us encounter is the it doesn't automatically know where all your traffic is coming from and can't distinguish this incoming traffic sufficiently without some input from the digital marketeer. Beginners may think it's all there since Google actually shows some numbers, but all experienced users know that even numbers are shown, that really doesn't mean that they should be trusted!

To get more precise result, each link leading visitors into the webpage should therefore preferably contain a set of parameters with additional information regarding how the visitor found it's way into your page. These parameters all start with "utm_", hence the name "My UTM Builder".

The functions of these different utm-parameters affects how the sessions are reported in Google Analytics through different dimension like "Source", "Medium", "Campaign", "Ad content". Furthermore Google Analytics use these parameters to group together traffic from different channels so you can get answers to questions like:

Problem though is that these parameters are based on user input and there are loads of ways you can input data in a suboptimal way which leads to messy, faulty and directly misleading reports. Something you don't deserve after putting in all that energy in getting those visitors in the first place!

My UTM Builder is tool built to add utm parameters to your landingpage and at the same time relieve you of the pressure of having to know all the dos and don'ts regarding this. Just answer some simple questions and you will get served a best practice generated URL ready to use, which will result in heathly reports in Google Analytics that will give you a solid platform for further analysis of marketing spend and efforts. Saving you money. Saving you frustration.


This webpage is built by Kjetil Grøsland in the performance marketing agency Digital Ice. Currently holding seven years of experience in digital marketing and web analytics. Both from the betting industry and through working in multiple performance agencies assisting their clients achieving their business goals.

Further information about the creator can be found here.

The mission

The mission of My UTM Builder is to relieve the pain of fellow digital marketeers by giving them information and a tool for performing best practice tracking. Years of accumulated knowledge is compressed and handed over so others can focus on what really matters!

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