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How does UTM parameters affect channel grouping in Google Analytics?

UTM parameters are super important as these affect something called Default Channel Grouping in Google Analytics. This is what you see in acquisition reports with groups like: "Social", "Direct traffic", "Display" "Other" etc.

All of your visits are automatically grouped into one of these categories as Google Analytics looks at the browser data when the user arrives at your page. This information is used in Google's weak attempt to group your traffic. This underlying ruleset is quite far from perfect, but Analytics just place the visitors in a category without you informing you how wrong that might be.

If you mix this issue with the widespread bad practice use of UTM, this all results in messy reports in Google Analytics. You see, any UTM parameters the visitor has when arriving at your site, will override Google's faulty ruleset. As a result you can't fully trust that "Direct traffic" is all direct traffic.

My UTM Builder is built to improve this and generates best practice URLs. Our mission is to ease the pain and guide you so you can enjoy cleaner reports in your data-driven decision making process.

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